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How Paying a Digital Marketing Firm Puts Money in YOUR Pocket.

Choosing the right digital marketing firm can save you money

There are lots of parallels between financial planners and SEO advisors (Digital Marketing Consultants). Good SEOs treat their clients digital investment in much the same way a financial planner takes care of a client’s retirement investment. It is about knowledgeable, strategic, long-term growth.

The SEO agency you work with holds all the keys to your digital Continue Reading

Major Updates to Popular WordPress Plugins 2017

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This year, we’ve seen extensive updates to some widely-used WordPress plugins.  These updates include the addition of new features to make their products perform better, as well as add scalability for future extensions.

Check out the list below for the top three popular plugins that are re-structuring their code.

WooCommerce 2.7

The team at WooCommerce is focusing on performance Continue Reading

Reputation is Not a Dirty Word!

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Employee Relationships can affect your online reputation.

Most business owners are concerned about getting bad reviews online from a customer, but few think about where else they may be vulnerable.

Owner and employee conflicts happen. Descriptions of these conflicts can now be quickly blown out of proportion and shared across the Internet. When they do, they can Continue Reading