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When to Tweet?

Most marketers are tweeting too much on the wrong days, not using hashtags enough and almost never do the one thing that will dramatically boost their retweets — ask for them — according to a new study looking at how marketers useTwitter from Buddy Media.

The social media marketing firm, which was recently acquired by Salesforce, Continue Reading

New Uses of Social Media

Social Cities – Municipal leaders are turning to social media in an effort to inform constituents about upcoming political debates, generate support for major initiatives and (less surprisingly) begin campaigning for re-election. Of course, the use of social media for politics became popular during the last presidential campaign but to date, city and municipal leaders Continue Reading

The Wisdom of Friends!

Friends drive influence via social networks.

Social Media is creating the shift from “wisdom of the crowds” to “wisdom of friends”.


What does this mean for your small business? It means that the payoff for having long-term and permanent relationships with your customers translates into brand advocacy that drives influence with not only their friends and Continue Reading

Should I use YouTube?

Can using a social media site like YouTube actually help increase search rankings via Google? Actually the answer is a somewhat surprising “yes”…if done right! As a social media management firm, we frequently encounter small business owners that shy away from using YouTube for all but an occasional campaign. Given the headache and hassle, not Continue Reading

Is social media free?

Contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t free.

It doesn’t cost much to get started, but it takes hours of labor and focused effort before you begin seeing any results.

And that’s if you’re doing it right.

If you fall victim to one of these 3 threats, then you may not see any positive results at all.

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The Google + Debate

Since its inception, Google+ has spurred more than its fair share of debate among social media consulting firms and small business entities alike. While Google is the undisputed leader in search, the ability to topple leading social media giants like Facebook and Twitter has yet to be demonstrated. Even after all this time, the great Continue Reading

What is Reddit?

how reddit works

redditors vote on which stories and discussions are important. the hottest stories rise to the top, while cooler stories sink.

comments can be posted on every storyon reddit. comments add information, context, and humor.

anyone can create a community (called “subreddits”). each subreddit is independent and moderated by a team of volunteers.

reddit is open source. Continue Reading