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SEO is Like Panning for Gold – Unlocking Search

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like panning for gold. It takes knowledge, skill and perseverance. The more competitive the online marketplace for your goods or services, the more crucial SEO will be.

Think of search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo for example) as the pan and the tremendous flow of information available online as a rushing Continue Reading

Dear Google – How Do I Get to Page One?

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Dear Google – How do I get on Page One?

Getting on page one in Google, Bing and Yahoo is the most important way for your business being found by new potential customers.

DON’T CALL GOOGLE. Calling Google is a complicated and frustrating process that does not yield sustainable Page One placement results. To reach your goal, Continue Reading

SEO Bull****!

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SEO Bull.

There are way too many SEO talking heads who do not have a clue.


I’m not just talking about salespeople trying to make a quick buck. (We have all received those emails promising great success with someone super-duper SEO services). I’m talking about so-called “experts” who write and talk about how to improve your Continue Reading

The Future of Search is Reality.

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The future is search.

Preparing for the future requires knowing what it will be.   The future for every organization, profit or nonprofit, will be to be found online when someone is searching for what they offer.

Google is continually changing its algorithms. We study them everyday. But to predict them, we have developed a deep understanding of Continue Reading