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Reputation is Not a Dirty Word!

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Employee Relationships can affect your online reputation.

Most business owners are concerned about getting bad reviews online from a customer, but few think about where else they may be vulnerable.

Owner and employee conflicts happen. Descriptions of these conflicts can now be quickly blown out of proportion and shared across the Internet. When they do, they can Continue Reading

To Buy or Not to Buy Google Adwords?

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When clients ask me if we can buy Google Adwords for them, the answer is YES – but my question is WHY.

Before throwing money into ads, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

Who is your ideal client and do they tend to click on ads? (Or do they only look at organic search?)

  1. What is your overall Continue Reading

The Future is Search

The Future is Search.

Preparing for the future requires knowing what it will be. The future for every organization, profit or nonprofit, B2B or B2C, will be to be found online when someone is searching for what you offer.

In 2015, the number of Internet users worldwide topped 3.17 billion*. To find what they were looking for, Continue Reading

Dear Google – How Do I Get to Page One?

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Dear Google – How do I get on Page One?

Getting on page one in Google, Bing and Yahoo is the most important way for your business being found by new potential customers.

DON’T CALL GOOGLE. Calling Google is a complicated and frustrating process that does not yield sustainable Page One placement results. To reach your goal, Continue Reading


SEO is Power, SEO is not dead

SEO gives even the small business GREAT POWER.

One after another publications and so-called website companies are suggesting that you don’t need to know coding languages to practice good SEO.   As much as this probably makes a lot of people very happy it’s simply wishful thinking.  Why?

Good SEO is a relative term.

Good SEO for a client Continue Reading

3 Traits of Viral Videos

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We all see those viral videos, whether on a social media or forwarded to us by a friend. But what does “viral” mean? How come some videos are “viral” and others are not?

Typically, a video is called viral when it has many views within a short period of time. When something becomes popular, what do Continue Reading