To Buy or Not to Buy Google Adwords?

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When clients ask me if we can buy Google Adwords for them, the answer is YES – but my question is WHY.

Before throwing money into ads, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

Who is your ideal client and do they tend to click on ads? (Or do they only look at organic search?)

  1. What is your overall Continue Reading

SEO Bull****!

SEO, SEO Bull, SEO bullshit, SEO sellers, SEO scammers, SEO spam,

SEO Bull.

There are way too many SEO talking heads who do not have a clue.


I’m not just talking about salespeople trying to make a quick buck. (We have all received those emails promising great success with someone super-duper SEO services). I’m talking about so-called “experts” who write and talk about how to improve your Continue Reading