10 Huge Marketing OOOPSIES!

Even the big guys make mistakes. Marketing gurus and master plans can still sometimes result in a less than well-considered marketing campaign.  Learning what mistakes have happened to other companies can help you begin to see the wider picture and ask more questions about your marketing campaign and marketing materials.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who is this targeting?  Develop a complete "persona" that represents your target consumer.

Will this insult anyone?  Consider more than just your target.  Consider who else may see your ad.

Is this campaign timely and contemporary or can it be used again and again?  Consider how long the campaign message or slogan will make sense to the audience.

Remember there is so very much to consider when starting a marketing campaign.  The colors you choose, the message, the delivery etc.

The best advice is to hire experts to help you avoid major mistakes... even though, even the experts screw up on occasion (check out this video!)