Facebook changes keep coming!

It’s been another busy few weeks at Facebook leaving social media management firms scrambling to keep up with all the changes. Of special interest to small business owners is the new “pay per view” option as well as changes to admin schedules and other events. In fact, there is so much to cover that we’ve decided to just jump into the heart of each issue to help keep you informed on the news you need to know most.

At the top of the list is the pay per view debate. As most of our regular readers already know, Facebook has been working on ways to monetize their social media network in the wake of the recent IPO while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. It’s no small balancing act especially considering the fact that Facebook was originally built around sharing and socializing…not advertising. Not surprisingly, some small business owner love the new option while others…well, let’s just say they are less than enthusiastic. So, what is it all about and how will it impact you?

Small business owners with a Facebook Page (rather than profile) will now notice an option to “Promote” in order to “Get more people who like your Page to see this post”. For instance, let’s assume you are run a supplement sales site and provide useful tips, information and promotions to your 25,000 fans. Now, instead of posting a new update and hoping your fans find the article, you will now have the option to pay for increased visibility. For roughly $10 you can reach approximately 2,500 of your fans or roughly 10% with each additional 10% costing another $10. For $100 you can reach all of your fans.

So, it this great news or not? Response has been mixed by small business owners. Some are upset over the idea that you must pay to reach your own fans in the first place while others are downright excited over the ability to make sure your message goes out to all contacts for such an affordable rate. There does seem to be a bit of support for this especially considering how cost effective rates are in comparison to other options. On the other hand, some consumers are concerned this will quickly lead to a rash of inferior content taking top position and requiring endless pages of scrolling before getting to the “real results” by family, friends and trusted brands in much the same way that search engines were inundated by paid content, spam sites and less than helpful link farms.

In other news, Facebook has finally listened to the wishes of small business owners and social media consulting firms alike by allowing page admins to schedule posts and establish different roles. It’s a big move in the right direction and one which demonstrates a new desire to remain relevant without the need of 3rd party providers. Perhaps more exciting, posts can now be scheduled up to 6 months in advance at 15 minute intervals allowing enhanced control over planning and implementation of campaigns.

Under the new guidelines, there will be five different types of admins each able to perform a select set of duties including:

1. Manager – View insights and create advertisement. Send messages. Respond to and delete comments. Create posts and Edit page and apps. Manage all admin roles.

2. Content Creator – View insights and create advertisement. Send messages. Respond to and delete comments. Create posts and Edit page and apps.

3. Moderator – View insights and create advertisement. Send messages. Respond to and delete comments.

4. Advertiser – View insights and create advertisements.

5. Insight Analyst – View insights.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry. There is a help center page for those that happen to get lost along the way and of course, there are already plenty of 3rd party applications that allow users to perform many of these same functions. On the other hand, several of the “most wanted” changes are still pending including bulk uploaders (can you say “time consuming”?!!) . Early users have complained that viewing or editing pending posts is still bulky and slow…however, contrary to popular belief…it IS possible!

Where can I see Page posts I’ve scheduled? After you’ve scheduled a post to appear on your Page, you can view it in your activity log: Open your admin panel by clicking Admin Panel in the upper-right corner of your Page Click Manage at the top Select Use Activity Log Scheduled posts will appear at the top of your activity log. From here, you can edit the post by hovering over it and clicking the menu: Change the time your post is scheduled for Publish the post now Cancel the post

Perhaps one of the best benefits is the ability to tag specific users but be sure not to overdo it or risk the wrath of consumers that feel “spammed”. Remember, the new sponsored stories and pay per view options are likely to generate mixed response among consumers who miss the social interaction and open communication of earlier generation social media sites.


Thanks to Maximize Social Media for this well written article. Find them on Facebook.