3 Steps to invite LIKES

A few quick steps and screen shots are included below for your viewing pleasure… Step 1: Visit your Facebook business page and click on your Admin Panel (if you are an admin)

Facebook Business Page Admin Panel

Facebook Admin Panel. The red “1″ is notification of a new page interaction


Step 2: Expand your Admin Panel and pick the way you prefer to gain more friends/followers for your page

Build Facebook Audience Drop Down

Expand your Admin Panel, and choose your preferred option


Step 3: Invite friends, email contacts, or share the page. Build Audience also allows you to create an Ad on Facebook to gain page attention and “Likes”.

Invite Friends provides multiple segmenting options including offering friends you interact with frequently, friends who are local to your town, or all friends.

Friends who already like your page will be washed out in appearance while friends who don’t already like your page will have a check box option to allow selection of specific friends within a group.

Don’t be offended if some of your friends are not already supporting your page. Your friends may not be aware you have a business page and will likely be happy to support you and your business.

Did you find these tips helpful? Feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions and Happy Facebook marketing!