2013: Prepare to be Visual!


In 2013: Prepare to be Visual!

Brands without a solid visual presence and vocabulary will suffer in the coming year. Messages and branding is now almost exclusively visual. Consider the following social platform updates and launches including: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Timeline, Google +, Stumble Upon and Four Square.

So when thinking about how your company or service is getting out the message, think visual, and remember:

1. Remember the basics of a strong foundation including a solid logo and corporate identity.

2. Make a Plan. Bring in the visual thinkers and creators early on. Don’t wait to bring in the experts after the fact. This is time lost, something no company can afford these days.

3. Photography has to be top notch. It must be imaginative and professional. It must be engaging.

4. Tell a Story. Remember that reaching clients is about engaging them. Storytelling is a great means of engagement. This is a wonderful place to include past photos and histories about your brand.

Are you prepared to be Visual?

Happy New Year!2013: Prepare to be Visual!