The Power of Facebook


Yesterday as we were browsing the social media channels like we do everyday, we came across a Facebook page that shows the true power of Facebook in a surprising way.

Two young girls posted a facebook page just 20 hours ago that explained a short story with an awesome twist. Having lost a beloved pet several months ago to cancer, the two girls started asking their parents for a new puppy. The parents were skeptical, however as they continued to discuss the idea an interesting bet came about. The girls asked if they could get 1 million likes on a facebook page, if they would in return be allowed to attain a shelter dog as an addition to their growing family. The father liked the idea, but was convinced that they would not get such a large vote. He was wrong!

In only 7 hours, the girls had gotten their 1 million likes and were still getting more! The page was so popular and got so much attention in fact that they were featured on Good Morning America earlier today. This heartwarming story truly shows the power that Facebook has to not only rise masses of people to a calling, but also gain the attention of the nation very quickly!

So now we ask, how are you planning to embrace this powerful medium?