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re-designAbout a week ago we launched our new website with a bold, clean interface and all new HTML5 and CSS3 elements. We expected such a large change to increase interest in our site, and also over time improve our search results and conversions. What we didn't expect was how quickly that change would occur. When we originally started the re-design a month ago, we wanted our website to be our largest portfolio piece. We wanted to show the world what we were really capable of, because our current clientele usually does not require elements that are interactive or animated - and the budget range for custom work of this kind usually does not make sense for them. With that in mind, we looked at our analytics and began surfing Google to find and explore effects that are now possible using HTML5 and CSS3. We discovered that our main customer base does not use IE7 or IE6 - and this was great news to us. It means that we were able to really dive into the animations without having to worry about backwards-compatibility prior to IE8. So we gathered our thoughts and set out on creating our new site.

We coded the site mainly in percentages for widths and heights instead of actual pixel-based elements to make it fully responsive. Doing this made mobile optimization easy because we had very few tweaks necessary. Then, we added in our fancy effects and fine-tuned the content until we had it practically perfect. We launched the site, told Google to re-index it and started watching our analytics daily. That's when we saw an instant improvement that we didn't expect.


Google had indexed many of our pages in the top 2 pages of results for the key terms we targeted practically overnight. We tweaked our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ever so slightly where we felt it needed it and continued to watch. We were so impressed with the change that we felt addicted to watching the real-time view to see how many people were visiting. Our bounce rates went down by 40% on average and we were getting an average of 40+ more visits a day. We even had 19 people on our site at a single time - and it's only been a week!

We feel that this is a perfect example to show just how important it is to constantly be reviewing and tweaking your website. Adding new content regularly also helps to maintain your rankings. It's amazing how quickly it really pays off!