Facebook Bans "Like-Gating" - What You Should Know

It's finally here.  Facebook says it is not ok to require people to like your Facebook page.


You can no longer incentivize people to like your page.  Facebook says, "to ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who really matter to them...we believe this update will benefit" everyone.

So understand - you can still ask people to like your page.  You simply cannot require they like your page in order to receive something in return.

What should businesses do now to get more Facebook Fans?  Concentrate on providing useful, sharable content that actually adds value and that your followers will want to receive.   Ask yourself if what you are posting is useful or relevant or something you would be willing to share with others.  If it is - post it and it should do well.  If not, don't post it and concentrate on providing something truly helpful, funny, engaging or share-able!