3 Business Uses of Social Media

Business owners are busy people.  When they ask me what social media will do for them, I take the question seriously. There's no magic bullet.  Once a company has decided to use social media as part of it's marketing mix, it is important that they understand what they hope to achieve.  I've listed these in order of priority and importance:

1.  Establish, promote and solidify your brand.

2.  Establish, promote yourself as a leader in your field.

3.  Find and connect with new customers.

First things first.  Establish your brand online.  Which social sites you choose will depend upon who you are trying to reach.  Each site has it's own demographic mix.  Look into what makes the most sense for your business.

Then share your expertise in every way possible.  Listen to your connections and answer any questions you have answers to.  Do not solicite.  Do not sell.  Just answer.

If you are answering questions thoroughly and your answers are both searchable and sharable you are making great strides in developing yourself and your company as thought leaders in your industry.  (We'll discuss searchable and sharable in future blog posts.)

Next spend some time getting to know others in your social circles.  Again, listen, answer, reach out, be supportive.  Do not sell.  By doing this, you are using social as it was meant to be used.  Be friendly, and be useful.  This is how to establish yourself in social.