3 Traits of Viral Videos

We all see those viral videos, whether on a social media or forwarded to us by a friend. But what does “viral” mean? How come some videos are “viral” and others are not?

Typically, a video is called viral when it has many views within a short period of time. When something becomes popular, what do people do? They send it to a friend. That’s how many videos get their popularity.

If a video is viral, people tend to remember it. They talk to others about it, or it may become a part of their jokes. Parodies that make fun of the video can also come up, and sometimes the parodies become viral themselves, such as the Bed Intruder Song.

What traits do viral videos have in common?

  1. Generally, they are short. People are more likely to watch something that won’t take up much of their time, like those cat videos.
  2. Viral videos typically have something the viewer can relate to or identify with. For example, people who don’t agree with puppy farms may send the Puppy Drone Delivery video to their friends.
  3. Most importantly, a viral video has to make the viewer feel something. What do you feel when you watch a video sent to you? Most of the time, it is funny like the Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That video. Maybe it is cute, such as the Charlie Bit Me video. If you don’t feel anything after watching a video, you’re probably not going to send it to anyone. This is the core of what makes a video viral.

What do you think of viral videos? Which video is your favorite? Which do you think shouldn’t have become viral in the first place?