5 Keys to SEO

Search Engine Optimization requires the following:

  • Consideration of the User.
  • Build a Hand-Coded Custom Website.
  • Create Remarkable Content.
  • Build Respectable Links.
  • Keep Those Links Lively.

Let's start with Consideration of the User. This means you must know who you are trying to reach.  You should develop a persona that represents your ideal customer and share that persona with your website designer.  They in turn should use that information to optimize your website code specifically for that persona.  Consider what your ideal client needs and answer that need.

  • Build a hand-coded custom website.  This means that your website provider is building your website from scratch without the use of templates.  Templates are just that - templates.  That means that they can be used again and again across the web for all kinds of websites and the search engines recognize that repeated usage and give your site less status as a result.
  • Create remarkable content.  This means your content must be fresh and relevant.  Do not recycle content from another source (Google will know!).  Relevant and fresh content is the kind of stuff your persona is searching for.  Be the answer they want.
  • Build respectable links.  Respectable links are crucial.  So run away as soon as a company offers to give you inbound links for a price!  You cannot buy inbound links - you must earn them over time by creating great content.  Poor quality links will hurt you in the search results.
  • Keep those links lively.  Once you have links to other great website sources as well as your own high quality social media sites, don't slack off.  It is important to continue to keep those links "lively" with fresh and popular content.

First know that this will not be a quick fix - nor will it be inexpensive.  If either of these is being offered you know your working with a company that will not produce results for you long term.

Remember - SEO is not something that will happen overnight.  It is also fleeting if you don't continue to earn it each and everyday.  A great web developer will know how to do this.  It will cost money and take time - but will become a resource your business simply cannot live without.