The 5 Tools you Should Have for Your Social Presence


Have you surfed the web today? The fact that you're reading this is a resounding YES! Just as you are currently engaging with our Social Presence – others are engaging yours at this very moment. So this brings up the question, do you have the necessities to appease your customers? Here's a collection of items that every business needs to have to create as solid a brand online as they have in their stores:

  1. Website: Your website is your online store – whether you actually sell products online or not! If the internet were the universe, your website would be your Social Presence's Sun. All other parts of your online presence revolve around your website as it's core. That's why it's important to get a professional website that is branded specifically for your company – so that you stand out!
  2. Google Analytics: Once you have a website, why not see how you're customers are interacting with it? Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to monitor and view important details about your website statistics including what keywords your users typed to find you, how many visitors a month you're getting, how high your bounce rate is and how long each page was viewed. This is how you learn if you're succeeding with your personal website goals and gives you the chance to tweak your site towards perfection.
  3. Blog: A website without a blog is like a postcard. Nothing changes, and after a while it becomes dull. One important thing that people don't realize about social presence is that jumping into Facebook, Twitter and other social sites without a solid strategy is like starting a journey in a sinking boat. You need to figure out first and foremost what strategy you want to increase conversion rate with your customers. A blog is a much safer place for this kind of strategy testing and tweaking. You can start to get used to being more informal with your customers, taking measured risks without having as large of an impact. Once you have your stomping grounds in order, then you can carry this over to a strategic plan for social media that has a higher chance of viral capacity.
  4. Hootsuite: Since you're ready to add in social networking, Hootsuite is Social Media Management at its best. You can easily navigate up to 5 social profiles for free – plenty for any individual business. You also get access to an amazing database of apps, free quick reports and other helpful tools. Any business that has profiles on Social Networks will greatly benefit from this tool!
  5. Google Alerts: Finally, you'll want to measure your reach and start Reputation Management. This is what scares businesses the most about their online presence – the fact that it opens them up more to the possibility of negative feedback. What they tend to ignore is that by not having a social presence, you're opening yourself to negative feedback with no way to defend yourself. Through Google Alerts, you can have Google email you anytime there is a mention of your business in search results – for free. This means that you will have instant access to what people are saying about you – and give you a chance to respond to both positive and negative feedback, before anything changes your reputation significantly.

These core elements are what you should strive for to complete your core social presence – but it does not mean it's your only options. There are tons of other tools and ways to connect to your customers through the web that aren't listed here. The important thing is to keep an eye open for new and interesting ways to interact with your online community – and most importantly be creative!