Be Sure to Target Your Audience!

Too often when I ask a client "Who are you trying to reach online?", their first answer is far too general.

This week we are working with a client who wants to sell alternative medicine products online.  She has exercise videos, sports equipment, books, and a large variety of alternative remedies.

She wanted to reach young and old.  She wanted to reach women and men.  She wanted to target children, teens, pre-teens, parents, baby-boomers and the elderly.

This is difficult to do.  Search engines want specifics.  So in order for your website to be found online it helps to be far more targeted.

The more finely tuned your target audience description - the easier it is to actually reach them online.

In the case of this client, after much discussion, she decided to concentrate on female adults ranging in age from 25-45 with sports-related injuries who are looking for an alternative to standard medical treatments.

Now we're getting somewhere.  This far more narrow focus will allow us to consider more carefully the layout and colors of the website as well as what social media outlets she should be active on and link to her site.  But most importantly, when we hand-code her website, we will be able to let the search engines know exactly who might be interested in finding her products.

Once she has an established reputation online fulfilling the needs of this targeted sector - we will be able to consider how to reach a larger group of potential buyers.  But to start - especially on a small scale as in this client's case, targeting and narrowing her focus was the best place to start.