Business Listings Correct?

They just don't stop.  Those email solicitations from Yext and MerchantCircle and others.  They suggest that they have found that your online business listings are incorrect and need to be updated and they can do it for you (for a small monthly fee).


Well, don't fall for it.  At least - not their solution.

Making sure your business is listed correctly across the web is very important.  But having a service like theirs do it for you presents some major drawbacks:

  1. These companies are one-way service providers.  These services will only produce more business listings.  They do not merge or correct listings that are incorrect.
  2. By adding more listings, these services just compound the problem of conflicting information about your business online.
  3. You have to purchase a subscription to their service - which, if you later decide to cancel with them - the listings they created will be deleted.

(There are a number of articles written about this subject including: y  and

My advice is to DIY (do it yourself) or pay a reputable provider to do the work for you.