Custom Twitter Backgrounds Not Updating?


One of Twitter's greatest benefits for customizing your business profile is the ability to design and upload a custom background. But what happens when you go to update your background and it refuses to submit the changes? Twitter has received several complaints, and is stating that they are looking into the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible – however, they've been stating this now for 3 years!

Like us, I'm sure you're thinking that this may be an issue that will never be resolved. No fear! Thanks to a bit of research we have found a solution! Just follow these steps and you soon will have your background update at the click of the “Save changes” button.

  1. Remove the metadata from your custom background (this can be done easily through Photoshop by using “Save for Web” and selecting “None” in the dropdown box next to “Metadata”)
  2. Login to your Twitter account
  3. Go to Settings > Design
  4. Click on the “Change Background” button and select “Remove”, then “Save changes”
  5. Click on the “Change Background” button and select “Choose existing image”
  6. Navigate to your new background, then “Save changes”

And voila! As soon as it uploads, you can click the home button and your new background will appear.

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