Dear Google - How Do I Get to Page One?

Dear Google – How do I get on Page One?

Getting on page one in Google, Bing and Yahoo is the most important way for your business being found by new potential customers.

DON’T CALL GOOGLE. Calling Google is a complicated and frustrating process that does not yield sustainable Page One placement results. To reach your goal, it is important to hire an Internet Marketing organization that has a history of success and a thorough knowledge and practice in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These organizations are not the ones that make cold calls to companies claiming to be the quick, convenient answer – but rather professional companies who study the Search Engine trends on a daily basis, and find high quality solutions that give you lasting, sustainable results without using ‘tricks’.

Main factors addressed by these companies include:

  • Utilizing Clean, High-Quality Code
  • Creating User-friendly Site Architecture
  • Addressing Proper Link-Building
  • Enriching Active and Relevant Content Production
  • Establishing Message Authority
  • Assessing Complete and Appropriate Keyword Planning and Usage
  • Installing Google Analytics for Measurable Results
  • Including Links to Active Social Media Sites
  • Consistent Online Business Listings
  • Ensuring Consistent Online Business Listings.

For a list of questions to expect from a reputable firm

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