Digital Marketers Are Financial Advisors!

There are lots of parallels between Financial Advisors and Digital Marketing Advisors. Good digital marketing advisors treat their clients digital investment the same way a financial advisor takes care of a client’s retirement investment. It is about knowledgeable, strategic, long-term growth.

The digital marketing advisor you work with holds all the keys to your digital presence. A good advisor will pave a road of steady, continual improvement for your business and your brand. A bad advisor however, can do real damage to your online identity (or get your business banned from the search engines entirely). So do your homework and don’t penny-pinch. A good advisor will pay for itself many times over if you invest for the long term. Here are some parallels between your digital marketing advisor and your financial advisor:


They have knowledge and experience. A good digital marketing firm has a wealth of knowledge about the Internet. They study the industry relentlessly and advice their clients accordingly. Search algorithm changes are not unlike stock market changes. Your opportunity to “get found” online is a moving target. One day you’re on page one of Google and the next you fall back a bit. A skilled advisor will have designed a long-term plan specific to your online goals and competitive challenges. They will be equipped with a team who understand the ins and outs of all the complexities that are your digital marketing. They know what they need to know about you, your business, your competition and your short and long-term goals and expectations and will build a strategy accordingly.

They are in it for the long haul. The investment in online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) is a long-term one. SEO requires continual, steady monitoring and management so plan on having an intimate, working relationship with your advisor over many years.

They produce measurable results and analysis. Just as your financial advisor shows you how your savings is doing, a good digital marketing advisor will be meeting with you on a regular basis and demonstrating positive return on investment (ROI). These data should not come across as smoke and mirrors numbers but as usable, understandable and most importantly, actionable data you can use immediately to make your business better.

Think about how you chose your financial planner and do the same for your digital marketing agency. - Susan Schauer John, CEO, Spider Web Connections®, Easton, MD. 21601