Family Gathering: The New Normal


Did you get together with family and friends this holiday? Was anyone missing? As your family grows in size (weddings, partners, births etc) it becomes increasingly more difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

So how do you share that special meal with everyone you care about? Share is the operative word here. Many more of us “shared” our holiday meal this year with friends via our social media channels. We sent instant photos from our cell phones. We texted throughout the day. We got online to Skype or other sharing service to be as close as possible with those far away. We shared with those not with us!

Is this the new normal? It is.

It used to be considered rude to have your cell phone at the table, but that is changing, as staying close to family remains important to all of us. Sharing in this way is becoming much more commonplace. Now being connected to family and friends with our mobile devices is not only accepted but expected!

We are sharing via social media our lives in real time. This is our new normal.