Good vs. Bad SEO

Don't gamble with your website's SEO.  There is good SEO and there is bad SEO and you need to know the difference.

Good SEO vs. Bad SEO is really determined by the search engine giant - Google. The wonderful thing about that is that Google's intentions for us (users) is to give us the best search experience possible. SEO is an ever shifting algorithm that Google continues to tweak to enhance it's search capability and accuracy. It is important to understand the difference between good and bad SEO techniques when it comes to your business website.  Good SEO technique is often referred to as White Hat SEO.  While Bad SEO technique is referred to as Black Hat techniques. When building and maintaining your website - seek out the advice of a professional web developer who knows the difference between these techniques (White Hat vs. Black Hat) and will advise you accordingly. Do not fall for the 'get rich quick' scams offered to increase your fans or traffic or links (often referred to as Link Farming) to your website.  Using those methods to get around Google and gain a place at the head of the line in the Google lunchline is dangerous.   Google will eventually find you and your site will be penalized - either temporarily (sandboxed) or permanently banned from the Google Search Engine results. Just imagine the shock for the business owners out there who didn't realize that the techniques they were paying companies to use to improve their SEO were inappropriate (Black Hat) techniques.  They may have been originally rather pleased that they moved up in the Google Search Results for a while.  But then along came the latest Google Algorithm update and those business owners found their websites were kicked right off the search engine completely!


Why is Google so anxious to penalize websites that us Black Hat SEO techniques?  Well, think about their goal.  They want to give the person using their search engine the best answer to their individual query as possible.  That means they want to offer the person using Google Search to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. All the time that all of us are using Google Search, the gurus at Google are watching our every move.  They are quantifying and qualifying our search data to continually improve the result.  If, for example, a user searches for Chinese herbal remedies and the results that are returned are not what they were looking for, Google will see that that user didn't stay on the website very long.  Google will see that they left those websites and tried again to find the information they were seeking either on another search result or by typing in a slightly different search question in hopes that Google would return the websites they are looking for. Once the user finds what they are searching for they are likely to stay there awhile - letting Google know that they have found something they want to see.

Above, please see our chart with basic descriptions of the difference between White Hat and Black Hat techniques.

Remember - Google holds all the cards in the SEO Game - so don't gamble with your website.