Google no longer loves repetition? This is HUGE!

As of May 20, 2014, Google officially released an update to their algorithm called Panda 4.0. This release is highly affecting how Syndicated Content is indexed in the search engines. Syndicated content is content that is taken from one source and used on multiple sites. Google has now made it where only one source will gain credit for any information that is repeated throughout the web. If secondary sources do not add the proper 'documentation' tags to their links, Google will determine who gets the credit based off of page rank. This means that if you allow access to content you produce without ensuring that it is set up with the proper tags, whichever site has the highest rankings on Google's page rank scale will gain the credit and you in turn can lose relevancy in the search engines.

Whoever you have doing your social media work better know all about this.  If they haven't mentioned it to you - contact them.