Hey Google - Let's Chat.

Hey Google. Let’s Chat.

Have you noticed that you ask more of Google these days? Rather than asking questions using basic keywords – we are asking Google for things in more long-winded phrases.

As our search queries become longer we are essentially conversing with Google as we would another human being. Why? Because we can. And it works.

Remember the days when you would type in very basic words in the search engines in hopes they would understand what you were looking for? Not anymore. With each passing hour search engines like Google are becoming exponentially better at understanding what we want.

The reasons are many, but suffice it to say, Google is crazy good at writing algorithms that reflect the answers we are looking for. In fact, Google has more information about us, our wishes, wants, desires and queries each and every second.

Each time we ask Google a question, we are helping it understand the question better.   Each time we respond to the results it gives us we are helping it to understand our question better.

Google is logging every search we make to see if we are satisfied with the answer it gave us in terms of results. If we are not satisfied, and change our query or don’t click on (or remain on) the links provided, Google is learning that it needs to better understand our question.

Include in this all that Google already knows about us – and the resulting improvement in their search algorithms makes complete sense.

Continue to hang on to your hat. The Google ride is only going to speed up.


In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and have a chat with Google.