Why Should I Hire a Social Media Firm?

We'll FIgure It Out Later
We'll FIgure It Out Later

We've all heard that when you apply for a job, the company that is considering hiring you, looks at your Facebook page. However, did you know that your customers are even more avidly looking at not only your Company Facebook Page, but at any and all other social media outlets (such as Twitter and LinkedIn) as well, before they consider buying from you?! It is true.

The social media generation has officially arrived and it is everywhere. Billboards, magazines, television, even on the tables at restaurants – companies are promoting their social media campaigns to attract more dedicated customers. Why? Because it is the quickest and easiest way to reach customers. Social Media Engagement is beating newspaper ads, yellow pages, even television advertising. It has become the way to reach your customer.

Got it? Ok. Now, the tough part is deciding how to go about tackling this new world of social media and have it be successful!

It starts by deciding what social media sites you want to use and creating a compelling Business Profile on that particular site. Got that? Super, now you need to start sharing content.

Here is where it gets touch. This takes time. It also takes research, because you want to have something new and exciting to share that your target audience finds compelling. Coming up with unique and varied content that is useful for your customers isn't easy. But it most certainly is - essential.

You need to post at least once a week, preferably once a day. You want to show that your are connected and engaged! You want to show that you are on top of your business and your game! For many business owners, this can be a hassle.

It is why we created SpiderWeb Connections.

We love this stuff. We are creative, adaptable and remarkably good listeners. We do all the work you would do, on a daily basis, engaging your clientele, informing them of relevant information about you and the world you work in. We know how to engage and we understand the need to connect locally with your customers.

Should you hire a social media firm like SpiderWeb Connections to handle your Social Media Needs? That depends on what your needs are. Is your time valuable? Do you want to have experts handle your social media work? Do you want to work with proven techniques that engage your target audience? Do you want a proven return on investment for the time devoted to social media engagement?

We suggest that you first do this on your own. See if you can fit social media engagement into your schedule. If you can fit it in your busy day, and enjoy the process, hurray! Be sure to keep track of how many people are liking and sharing your posts and pages, you want to measure how successful your campaigns are.

If you are getting all the results you want, you do not need us.

If you wish to consult with us, we would be delighted.

From all of us at: SpiderWeb Connections.com

Susan Schauer John, Head Honcho