Page One Results Are Your Top Priority

When was the last time you looked at page 2 of Google search results? The majority (94%) of us never go past page 1. We count on Google to give us the answer we are looking for.

The majority of searchers click on listings that are not paid advertising (organic listings). Paid ads are specifically marked “Ad” to distinguish them from organic results. If you are like most users, you never click on paid ads because you know they were paid for and therefore lack the credibility of a listing that has come up on page one organically.

So how does a website that is in a competitive online marketplace come up on the first page organically? One word: INVESTMENT.

Investment means hiring a knowledgeable, proven SEO company that takes the time necessary to get to know your business as well as your target audience. Don’t fall for quick or easy fixes. Don’t rely on promises. Instead, do your homework and find a company to partner with you that is not afraid to dig in and show you results.

A proven SEO company understands the “language” of the Internet. That means they know the original intent of the technology was to index and provide access to academic publications. This is important – because it is the backbone to the structure of online search.

The original algorithms sorted content so that the best “professor publications” were positioned at the top, while less relevant research sunk to the bottom. It’s still true today. In fact, although the algorithms are constantly updated, their goal is the same.

The goal of search algorithms is to give the user the best answer to their search. Google doesn’t perform algorithm updates to trick business owners. They do it to improve search results and eliminate “junk” web content.

A good SEO company knows this and utilizes this knowledge to work in your favor. As good as they are, the algorithms will never be perfect. This means that knowing how to work with them is crucial for your business.

Marketing has always been an important part of the success of a business. Now there is essentially just one market: the Internet. Investing wisely will make all the difference.