People Want to Donate. Make it Easy.

This time of year is often considered a time for giving. The time when businesses and individuals usually allocate funds they’d like to donate to a special cause.

Reaching out to these donors when they are in the “giving mindset” is crucial to a nonprofit. That means being there for them 24/7 with all the information they need and the systems in place to quickly grab their attention and their donations.

Unfortunately, time and time again, we meet with nonprofit boards that do not want to spend the funds necessary to make online donation easy.   Too many do not realize the lost opportunities. This is a shame.

If a cause is important enough to put together a nonprofit, then isn’t it important enough to invest in making on line contributing hassle-free.? Fewer and fewer contributions are made the old fashioned way anymore. People want to donate at all hours of the day (and night) quickly, easily and securely. They don’t want to have to search hard to find your organization. Instead they want to find it quickly with just a few words in a Google search query.

Here’s the real rub: If your organization doesn’t show up on the first page of search results, those donations are very likely going to go to another organization!

Developing a website and managing an online presence must be a part of the budget for every not-profit organization.   Here are some keys to building a viable online presence for your organization.

Remember your website is the face of your organization.

  • Make sure everything on your website speaks to your mission.
  • Keep the message clear and consistent.
  • Position your organization as the thought leader online and do so with a clear voice and consistent message.

Make your website easy to find

Work with a company that specializes in SEO (search engine optimization). Have them do the research necessary to show you how to get your website found in the search engines. Do your homework and ask them questions. Their plan should include several key things.

  • Clean code – that speaks to the search engines.
  • Connected and branded social media sites that link to your donation page.
  • Correct and branded online business listings (like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and others.)

Make it easy to give.

Once a potential donor has arrived at your website. Make it easy and quick to donate. Set up an automatic thank you that they receive immediately upon giving. Follow up with an old-fashioned thank you later if you wish. But give them immediate gratification.

Don’t lose potential donations because your website isn’t optimal. Find a highly rated SEO company to build your site and maintain it. It will pay for itself.