SEO Bull****!

SEO Bull.

There are way too many SEO talking heads who do not have a clue.


I’m not just talking about salespeople trying to make a quick buck. (We have all received those emails promising great success with someone super-duper SEO services). I’m talking about so-called “experts” who write and talk about how to improve your business website SEO. They are everywhere and they talk a LOT.

Unfortunately with all the talk comes a lot of misinformation. Which translates into a lot of money spent by companies for SEO services that don’t work and can’t work for their websites.

Why? Because the code that makes up the backend of your website is what the search engines read and many websites have very poor code. Therefore – investing money toward any SEO services will be ineffectual if the code is not up to par.

Start at the beginning with a custom, hand-coded site that is optimized for search. What exactly does that mean?

  • That means your code is clean.
  • That means your Text to HTML ratio is high.
  • That means that important keywords and phrases that describe your business are in those first 100 lines of code (not buried in the bottom).
  • That means Google can see what you are about!

Once you built that SEO foundation, you can begin to consider the many other miscellaneous things that you can improve upon to get your website to be found higher up in the search engines.

Stay tuned. We’ll go into those details in future blogs.

Can’t wait? Send me a nudge.