SEO gives even the small business GREAT POWER.

One after another publications and so-called website companies are suggesting that you don’t need to know coding languages to practice good SEO.   As much as this probably makes a lot of people very happy it’s simply wishful thinking.  Why?

Good SEO is a relative term.

Good SEO for a client whose business has few competitors online is an easier proposition than those that have a great deal of online competition.

Good SEO for a client competing for keywords and phrases in a crowded marketplace is a whole other animal. It is the business that wants to show up in organic search ahead of their competition that needs to work with a website company that will begin at the code level, first to straighten out and then laser focus, their SEO strategy.

As Rand Fishkin from Moz says, “There is no acknowledgement – and I find this a little disturbing that the ability to read and write code … can take your SEO to the next level.”

Here at SpiderWeb Connections® we are experts at crafting streamlined and actionable SEO strategies for businesses. We know that until the code is clean, all the back-linking, content writing, responsive mobile and social media engagement dollars businesses are spending are completely lost investments.

Furthermore, it has never been easier to track the results of an SEO campaign if you know how. We have the experience of running hundreds of SEO campaigns and we understand how to turn all that noisy data into analytics that a business can act upon. We know that our clients need to see the results of our work as well as the results of their contingent marketing campaigns. That’s why we provide weekly updates to all of our SEO clients. Nothing tells it quite like the numbers.

While focusing on making website building simple and inexpensive – small businesses are being misinformed. Oversimplification of the complexity of SEO will hurt them both in the short, and most certainly, in the long run.