Small Business and the iPhone 5

What the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Means for Small Businesses and Local Search



The next time you walk down the main street in your town or city, notice all those people walking around looking into their smartphones instead of where they are going. Do you know what they are doing? Well yes some are texting or checking emails, but 50%+ are looking for a place to eat or directions to a local business.

Starting today, their experience is going to change dramatically.

That’s because Apple just released iOS 6 – the latest version of their mobile operating system that runs the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. In this release they are ending their relationship with Google Maps and providing their own mapping solution.

This is a significant change since tens of millions of iPhone users depend on their device to find local goods and services while they are out and about. In the past, when people searched for these things from their iPhone, they were able to take advantage of the millions of Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) business listings that have been claimed by business owners.

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