Small Business Stats


It's the 41st National Small Business Week.  With the opportunities that the internet and e-commerce now offer these businesses, we thought it was interesting to find some statistics about how small businesses are currently using the world wide web.

Only 53% of businesses today have a website. (Statistic Brain)

4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. (ComScore, 2012)

Less than 5 % of business websites are optimized for mobile users (Bizness Apps)

Small businesses say they will increase spending on the internet and social media in the coming year. (Microsoft 2013)

Wow!  What is our take-away?  We believe that those businesses that jump onboard with a bright, shiny, engaging mobile-ready website will be way ahead of their competition. Further, those that use social media wisely, frequently and connect that to their website will be golden.

What are your thoughts?