Social Media will enable "Crowd Marketing"

Social media will fundamentally change marketing.  Buying and selling will never be what it has been.

Until now marketing was about getting your brand message out there.  You defined the message, massaged the brand, developed the mood and the advertising.  You targeted your market and sent out your ad.

This is not how it is done any longer.

Social media has upset this flow of information.  Not not only can advertisers send out messages, consumers can too!  This is the fundamental change happening to marketing.

Now when a woman sees an ad for a cool pair of shoes, she can check with her friends on Facebook to decide (with her peers) whether or not what she thinks looks like a cool pair of shoes really is considered a cool pair of shoes.  She'll get the vote of her peers, her "crowd" before she decides she is right and goes out to buy the shoes.

The "Crowd" will determine a brands reception now.  Sure advertisers can influence audience perception - but the buyers will be the holders of the keys now - not the sellers.  It will be other buyers (the Crowd) who will tell others what to buy and what not to buy.

We've dubbed this new marketing as "Crowd Marketing" and look forward to this new world.