Template Website Advantages.

There are some really remarkable template website tools out there.  The advantages seem obvious.  They are inexpensive.  (Sometimes even "free" with a subscription sign-up.) They are DIY (Do It Yourself) which is enticing and they are 'what you see is what you get'.   You know what the thing is going to look like before you even begin to plug in your text and images.  Besides, it's empowering to drag and drop to build your own site isn't it?


Why wait for a web designer when you can do it in your spare time?  Why pay big bucks for a custom website?  Isn't that old school?  Yes, it is old school.  But it is also new school.  New school website design considers SEO.

Think about it.  What good is your website if no one can find it?  New school is the work of keeping up with all the many search-engine algorithms Google decides to unveil. New school is understanding that using template website designs hurts those Google rankings in a number of ways.

  1. They are code heavy.
  2. They are not unique.
  3. They don't come with Meta tags.
  4. They don't optimize images.
  5. Customization is limited.

Search engines like Google prefer new, original content.  They prefer content over code and want to find websites that are unique, properly coded, WC3 Compliant, and include proper tags.  Template websites, even those that claim to consider SEO, are unable, because of their very nature, to compete with a custom-built site for providing the search engines with the information and content they want.

My suggestion?  Think new school. Don't skimp when it comes to your website.  It is too important to leave the fate of your website ranking to a template design.