The Future of Search is Reality.

The future is search.

Preparing for the future requires knowing what it will be.   The future for every organization, profit or nonprofit, will be to be found online when someone is searching for what they offer.

Google is continually changing its algorithms. We study them everyday. But to predict them, we have developed a deep understanding of the goal of online search. In the end, Google’s goal (any search engine’s goal) is to give the user the most relevant answer to what they want.

What does the user want?  Reality.

How Google accomplishes that will continue to change, but the goal will stay the same.  We have seen Google mature. At one time it ranked a website's relevancy on how long the website existed and whether the url name was synonymous with what the website said if offered. Still important today, but dramatically less so.

Later Google considered the prominent and repeated use of key terms and phrases in the website code to determine a website’s authority. Which led to the black hat practice of key-word stuffing. (Now banned.)

Realizing there were problems, Google matured to use “popularity” as a measure of value and ranking. This, of course, failed at the larger task because popularity is not necessarily reality and popularity, like keyword stuffing, could be manipulated. (Black hat practices that played with these numbers are now also banned.)

Rich website content plays a role in the value Google gives a website.  In addition, Google recently concentrated the number of back- links a website had. Back links are connections made to a website from another website or online source. Having more of them was better.

What happened? Companies sold bogus “back links” to clients wanting to pay for a quick fix. As with all other manipulations of Google’s intentions, this practice will quickly get you banned from the SERPs.

We can go on to talk about the algorithm changes… but the point is to know what Google’s Ultimate Goal is – REFLECT REALITY.

Knowing that goal makes it completely unsurprising to me that Google is now rumored to be building a storage room for all of humanity’s collective truths.

Yeah.  It’s called the Google Knowledge Vault.

Got to love Google.

The future of search will be REALITY.