Why Twitter Matters.

Twitter recently struck a deal with Google. This year real time tweets will become visible in google! In fact, in a recent conference call with shareholders, CEO dick Costolo revealed it could possibly began as early as this week!

Since going public back in 2013, Twitter has been under great pressure to grow it users. Unfortunately, they only recently surpassed 300 million active monthly users (while Facebook just reported 1.44 billion).

We’re excited because we believe those clients who have been reluctant to truly dive into Twitter until now will take another look.

There will be a lot to consider. Now even more than before using Twitter on a regular basis will help your business’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In addition, reputation management may become even more important to take on.

Imagine. Businesses being talked about on Twitter will now see that those interactions are amplified. Those tweets can potentially be seen in online search queries by everyone - not just Twitter users!

As ConverSocial CEO Joshua March said last month, “Whether that’s a complaint from a customer or the company’s response, the agreement between Google and Twitter places a greater spotlight on each interaction.”

In addition, businesses are going to have to consider that any tweets related to their brands could become more visible, as could tweets from employees.

If you’ve wondered why you should care about Twitter – or have wondered how it could matter to your business - this new agreement with Google may be your answer.