Who is WORTHY of a relationship with your business?

PT_Handshake of Man with Arm Extended
PT_Handshake of Man with Arm Extended

Marketing is a complicated business these days. Getting the word out about your business is not new to you – but using today’s social media outlets efficiently and effectively may be. If you are thinking about partnering with an agency to manage social media for you business make sure that company has the right stuff.

1. Make sure you know who you will be working with. If you have met with a confident leader at the firm – that’s great. But be sure to ask about the person who will be assigned to your project. Is the person you will be working with just as informed and enthusiastic?

2. What does the agency know about your business? Have they spent time with you to learn exactly who your current market demographic is and what market you would like to go after? Have they discussed a project strategy that is uniquely designed for your needs rather than propose a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach they use with every business?

3. Ask them directly, “Why is your company a better choice for us than another?”. A good business is able to handle that kind of question with a thoughtful and responsive answer.

4. Be sure they’ll provide regular analytics. Diving into social media may not show an immediate pay-off, but you certainly expect that the response to your campaign will build with time and you will want to know what part of your campaign is working well and what is not working well. That way, you can repeat your successes and let go of the unsuccessful tactics of the past.

5. How will you be billed? Is there a clear, transparent billing structure that you are comfortable signing up for? Is it a monthly fee or an upfront payment structure.

6. Ask for references.

It’s all about engagement. If you want to engage your target audience and grow your business, then don’t settle for the first, the biggest, the flashiest or the cheapest company to pitch an idea. Ask questions!

Susan Schauer John, Head Honcho SpiderWeb Connections.com

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