Your website is NOT a DIY!

 Don't Do It Yourself!

Don't Do It Yourself!

Anyone can DIY a website these days - right?!

We hear that all the time.  And the answer of course is yes.  Anyone can go to GoDaddy and pick a pretty layout and follow the simple instructions and put up their own website.  In fact, the templates are quite sophisticated and the website can look quite professional.

But looks are deceiving - and search engine's are not concerned with how your site looks (on the front end).  They are driven by how your site is coded (on the back end).

The quick money in the website building business is to sell you a domain name and a template builder and let you pay me money and you do the work.  It's not expensive for you and there is no work at all for me.

But what happens when someone on Google is looking for your services?  Is your website going to show up high in those search results?  Not if it's a template.  Search engine's don't like templates.  They look around the web and see that there are hundreds or thousands of website coded just like yours and they pass you by.  Your website code is not one of a kind. Therefore Google infers that you are not one of a kind.

So how do you tell Google you are worth checking out?  Clean, hand-coding by a professional website designer.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the back end. Pay a professional to code your website by hand and make sure they understand SEO.

It will be a rewarding investment that will pay dividends everytime your website shows up in search.