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Are you aware that your company is listed online on dozens of online business listings even if you didn’t post them? These automatically-generated listings are usually incorrect and often not consistent with your branding and the message your company wants to send. Failing to correct and monitor your business listings is not only a missed opportunity, it can prevent your business from being found by potential customers in the first place!

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About Your

Our business listing scan tool provides immediate, real-time data on your company’s “Digital Knowledge Footprint”. Your Digital Knowledge Footprint consists of the factual assets and attributes about your companies brand, people, products, services, hours, events and locations that help consumers serve their needs.

How Spider Web Connections Can Help

Site Redesign

Is your current website difficult to use or slow to respond?  If so users will often leave your site and find a competitor instead.  A website redesign can speed up your loading time and make navigation and decision making easy for your target audience.


When potential customers search online for what you offer, does you business show up on page one?  If not, it may be that your business is not listed consistently and accurately across the many digital listing sites and social media sites that exist out there.  Unless your business information (name, address, phone number, map location, etc.) is accurate and consistent, search engines have trouble finding you.

Content Writing

Having great content is the key to having a great website.  Many great companies need help writing original, creative content for their websites.  We understand. That’s why we offer professional content writers to work directly with you to learn about your business.  They are trained professionals who understand writing for an online audience and online search engines.

Consultative Services

Expertise is at the heart of online marketing strategy and tactics.  Without it, you may be making mistakes with your website priorities or your marketing budget.  Our clients view us as an extension of their team, filling in expertise where needed so they can run on all cylinders, all the time.  We educate, strategize, design and develop. Best of all, we follow up with analytics so that you can actually see your ROI.


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