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To succeed, every business needs a strong, consistent digital presence that stays true to their company brand. Like street signs or billboards do offline, digital presence ensures that customers who search online find their way to local businesses.

A complete digital presence includes:

  • A Fully Optimized Website
  • Accurate Online Business Listings
  • Social Media Profile & Posts
  • Organic Search Ranking
  • Customer Ratings and Reviews

3  Levels of Online Listings Management

SPIDERListings BASIC | Online Business Listing

An affordable solution for the home-based or small business owner who is just starting out and wants to keep their marketing budget low but needs to establish a basic online presence. For the local brick & mortar business that is willing to manage a portion of their social media profiles, review generation & website optimization on their own this package is a good option. SPIDERListings also works for the client who doesn’t necessarily need to compete in local search but does want to be found in organic search online to drive conversion to their e-commerce website or donations to their nonprofit cause.

SPIDERListings Features Include:

  • Establish, Lock & Maintain Content (Name, Address & Phone Number) NAP across our Standard Network (Link to Medallions) of online publishers and directories.
  • Prevent Your Business Information and Content from editing by third parties.
  • Suppress Duplicate Listings from appearing in search results.
  • Monitor your Monthly Insights - including how many times your listing is viewed; what devices searchers are using; and what search terms your business is being found for.

SPIDERListings PLUS | Online Business Listing, Social Media Profile Management, and Review Notification

If earning business from local search is your jam, this package is your secret weapon!

Our SPIDERListings Plus package is just that, SPIDERListings plus 10+ major online publishers added to upgrade your brand presence across our Complete Network to include Social Media profiles such as Google My Business, Facebook & Foursquare.

Designed for the local brick & mortar business, restaurant or retail store owner needing to get found online in the highly competitive local search market where consumer reviews and location data management is essential to building and maintaining a good reputation online.

SPIDERListings Plus Features Include:

  • Create or Manage Google My Business page Optimization
  • Claim & Pin your location in Google Maps
  • Receive an email notification when a review is left across our Complete Network of publishers including Google My Business, Facebook, First Party Reviews & Yelp.
  • Monthly Reporting with actionable information including:
    • Profile Views
    • Facebook Demographic
    • Google Search Insights
    • Customer Actions
    • And more!

SPIDERListings COMPLETE | Digital Presence & Reputation Management Solution

If you know how important digital presence strategy is to being found online in local search, but don’t have time to devote day-to-day to manage it properly - this solution is for you!

Whether you are the owner of a small business or the marketing manager for a larger, multi-location operation, SPIDERListings COMPLETE is what you need. With this package, you’ve acquired an active partner with digital marketing and local search expertise to assist you in achieving your sales goals!

SPIDERListings COMPLETE Features Include:

  • Digital Presence Strategist -You receive your own Spider Web Digital Presence Strategist who will meet with you monthly to review, analyse and construct an ongoing strategy to get your business found online in local search..
  • Advanced Keyword Research - Equipped with our proprietary resources, we carefully select, utilize and track keywords and phrases that best describe your products and services. We determine the opportunities and the competitive challenges for your geographic areas and optimize your listings to help your business rank ahead of your competition in local search.
  • Customer Review Generation Campaign - We send either an email or text to your happy customers to request their ratings and feedback. We’ll then publish those reviews and star rating ✰✰✰✰✰ to improve your ranking in search results.
  • Review Monitoring & Notification - Receive an email notification whenever a review is received either First Party or anywhere across our Complete Network of Publishers including Google, Facebook, Yelp etc.!
  • Smart Configurations - We add alternative spellings and nicknames your prospective clients may use to find you in search.

You will have actionable digital insights you never dreamed of including:

  • Intelligent Search Insights - It’s all about more sales.
    • How are the majority of new clients finding you?
    • What devices are they using?
    • What category & keywords are you being found for?

View your Share of Intelligent Search to include Local Pack & Knowledge Center as well as Organic Search rankings vs your competition.

  • Competitive Intelligent Search - It’s all about staying ahead of the competition.
    • What key terms are your online competitors being found for?
    • What is their search visibility score and can you improve yours?
    • Where is the majority of their traffic coming from?

Compare your intelligent local search data to that of your competitors to strategically plan your next marketing campaign to obtain the consistent results you want!

  • Review Insights - Know about your reviews in real time!
    • How many reviews have I received?  What is my Average Rating?
    • What is my Daily Rolling Average for each of my locations?
    • Review Distribution Over Time

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Super Easy Onboarding

During your initial consultation we listen to you to learn more about your business and everyday struggles in order to help you to decide which SPIDERListing package is a good fit for your business.

You’ll be contacted by our team to gather all relevant information about your business, hours of operation, payment types accepted, exact legal business name, correct address and phone numbers for each location, any branding assets or logo files you may have available as well.

We can either work with you to input your information to optimize your listings and connect your social media profiles, or we can provide you with a temporary login to provide you a behind the scenes access to our dashboard.


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